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Tomorrow’s Harvest, Today’s Dissent

Well, Boards of Canada streamed their new album on youtube last night, and of course people managed to rip it. Currently sinistering my ear drums with its melancholy.

It is of course available to buy.

The Secret of Animation

And to think, the last time I used 3DSMax all I could make were giant dongs.

Slow Mo Guys

Hopefully you’ve seen the Slow Mo Guys before. Their most recent vid is rather spectacular.

YouTube Preview Image

I heard it on the grape Vine

Short and saweeeet today, Vine is out for Android. Not quite available as we speak, but I imagine it’s being staggered by region. Congratulations Twitter on only taking (looks at watch) 6 months to make an Android version. There’s absolutely nothing shameful about that. Whatsoever.

All the Kings Men