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écoute, listen!

Well I’ve been a little bit busy for the last few days, but I haven’t forgotten my tumbleweed blog. Today I think I’ll just manage to post the below Ninja Tunes Solid Steel set, but expect more normal posting next week.

Oh yes, did I mention this set’s awesome?!


This is a bit of an advertorial if I’m honest. It’s hard not to crow about such a brilliant deal, which also allows you to humblebrag about helping charity.

The Humble Bundle – a Gamers Delight

If you’ve never the Humble Bundle before, the concept is pretty simple and in being so it has been overwhelmingly successful and brilliant to boot. Indie Game developers get together and bundle their games up, you pay what you think they’re worth and you choose how you want the money split. A percentage goes to the developers, a percentage to Humble for organising everything and the rest to either the Electronic Freedom Foundation or the Childs Play charities. Some bundles are better than others, however the current one is nothing short of amazing. Hotline Miami, Awesomenauts, capsized and Little Inferno are all incredible games. I know less about the rest, but by all accounts Proteus and Dear Esther are also really excellent. Did I mention you get the mp3/flac soundtracks for most of the games too?


Over the Top, it’s Christmas!

Much like the almost apocryphal football on christmas day between the allies and Nazis during World War II, the story of how a Mosque invited members of the EDL in for tea and biscuits is a legend in its making, and GQ has got an interview about it here.

Kickstart This

If you’re a cyclist, you need to check these amazing LED animated, customisable¬†wheel lights out. I know some of the patterns are pretty garish, but as you can make your own the potential is endless. More info can be had here.

In the Middle of the Desert

We all Lost our Minds

Boards of Canada last night performed their new album in the middle of the desert after a cryptic transmission.

Noble, as in Boring

Another great vid from Periodic Videos, this time on Super Expensive Metals in a Noble Metals factory.

Also a new one from Numberphile on gaps between primes.

Medya Roundup

Some good articles today.

Boyadee, now famous for his Woolwich live tweeting of events has written a piece for Comment is Free at the Guardian.

Also, Laurie Penny has written a great piece for The New Statesman the suffragette Emily Wilding Davidson which can be read here.

Simply the Best

If you’ve ever read The Wirecutter then you’ll know about its Best in Class approach to product buying. They research and summarise the most desirable, functional and brilliant of something in a given class so that you don’t have to do that grunt work.

The Sweet Home, an offshoot of The Wirecutter hopes to do the same as its parent site, whilst focusing on household items rather than tek geekery.

It’s already inspired a future gift for a friend of mine.